Bloody Disgusting’s Mike Wilson got out his clipboard and lab coat to research the latest trailer for Zombie Cure Lab, the zombie treatment lab builder from the AAA sim vets at publisher Aerosoft and the fun-loving problem-solving developers at Thera Bytes.

“Inspired by the likes of Prison Architect and Two Point Hospital…Zombie Cure Lab sees players leading the last humans standing to build defenses and research powerful zombie-capturing tech. From there, it’s the start of the ‘recovery process’, where with the right upgrades and a clever mind for keeping the workforce happy, the apocalypse can be reversed.”

Check out Bloody Disgusting’s full article here. Zombie Cure Lab will be arriving on PCs via Steam later this year. For more information, check out Zombie Cure Lab’s Steam page here. You can also follow @ZombieCureLab on Twitter and search #zombiecurelab on social media.