GameRant’s Matti Robinson shows off a terrifying trailer for The Fridge is Red, the first-person horror anthology series with PS1-inspired visuals from developer 5WORD Team and publisher tinyBuild.

Matti pointed out the game’s nostalgic lo-fi aesthetic, which invites horror fans to fill in the blanks:

The game has strong influences from the 4:3 world of the 90s, is reminiscent of games like the original Silent Hill, and has even a similar feel to a horror game classic Alone in the Dark . . . It uses the grainy image with a clever vintage filter to create an atmosphere that is familiar to the aforementioned titles.

Step into the shoes of Frank, an overworked and underpaid repairman trying to provide for his family. A curious red fridge is dropped off for repair and begins exuding a malicious, almost lifelike aura. Enter Frank’s mind as his world is turned upside-down, surviving ghoulish creatures and uncovering the mystery of the red fridge.

Read Game Rant’s full article here. To learn more about the game visit tinyBuild’s official website and The Fridge is Red’s official site. You can also follow the publisher on Twitter and YouTube, as well as the game’s official Twitter, and join the 5WORD Discord.