Tom West of TrueAchievements dishes on why he can’t stop playing Gunfire Reborn, the hyper-stylized level-based adventure game featuring FPS, roguelite, and RPG elements developed by Duoyi Games and published by 505 Games.

One of its most endearing qualities is the sheer volume of available gear there is to mess around with, which is thanks to it having a year of baking time on PC before making its way to console, resulting in developer Duoyi Network having released numerous content updates for it, which have added tons of weapons, upgrades, skills, characters, and more. 

Gunfire Reborn is a first-person shooter, and its bread and butter are the weapons you can find on your adventure. In fact, there are more than 40 weapons in the game at the moment, with each weapon also offering randomised upgrades called Inscriptions, which again, aids the game’s ability to keep you wanting to have “just one more run.”

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