Noisy Pixel’s Azario Lopez previews the sweet shooter mania that is TEVI, the next fantastical bullet hell metroidvania from best-selling Rabi-Ribi developer CreSpirit and publisher Neverland Entertainment, making its way to PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch first in Q3 2023, and later onto PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S.

Although challenging, there is an addictive Metroidvania experience to discover in this charming new title.

Tevi is an evolution of the past releases from this team. Its high challenge pushes your understanding of the genre, contrasting with its charming and colorful design. There’s just so much to discover and detail that expands past the scope of this preview, but I feel like this is a game you should have on your radar.

Check out Noisy Pixel’s full preview here. For more information on TEVI, visit the official website and make sure to follow CreSpirit and Neverland Entertainment on Twitter.