PlayStation Lifestyle Gives Details on Armello’s 2.0 Update

PlayStation Lifestyle‘s Aidan Simonds provided insight into the 2.0 update for Armello, the acclaimed fantasy digital board game from League of Geeks. In his coverage,  Simonds touched on some of the improvements coming to Aremello’s multiplayer. He continued by explaining a few “head turning” features and how the community should welcome these changes. Before wrapping up, Simonds […]

Digital Boardgame Armello Is Joining the Sony Clan With a PS4 Launch as Reported by IGN

Evan Campbell of IGN recently reported on the PS4 launch announcement for League of Geeks’ Armello, a stunning digital board game brought to life that combines tactical card play, tabletop strategy and RPG elements.  The PS4 edition of Armello will include characters currently not available in early access. To read the full article, visit