PC Gamer’s Shaun Prescott recently helped share the news about League of Geek’s new Armello DLC, The Dragon Clan.

Armello, the grimdark digital board game starring very cute animals and very mean kings, is getting a major new update today ushering in four new characters, an all-new quest system, and more. Dubbed the Dragon Clan Update, it marks the arrival of reptilian heroes in the game, which the community has reportedly demanded for a while now.

The four new characters form the nominal Dragon Clan, which comprises “prophetic Komodo dragon” Volodar; self-healing turtle Aginya; an anti-mage iguana by the name of Oxana, and an “illusionist gecko” known as Nazar. That’s them pictured above. They’re pretty cute.

For more information on Armello’s The Dragon Clan Update, check out the announcement trailer here, as well as it’s Steam page. For more information about League of Geeks, check out their official website, or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Twitch.