IGN editor Janet Garcia recently took a look at EON’s Super 64, the first-of-its-kind, plug-and-play solution connecting the Nintendo 64 with modern televisions and monitors. Garcia points out that the beloved Nintendo console rarely looks great on modern hardware and notes that the Super 64 presents a much-needed solution for retro-gaming enthusiasts, writing:

The EON Super 64 is a plug-and-play HDMI adapter for the Nintendo 64, allowing you to play this classic console on a modern HD television…The N64 looked okay on an old CRT television but looks blurry and generally bad when upscaled for modern HDTVs. The EON Super 64 claims to fix this problem. It allegedly delivers a 480p image, featuring lagless input, custom design, and a “Slick Mode” that cleans up hard pixelated edges for a more polished look.


The Super 64 is available on July 22. For more information, head to EON’s official Super 64 preorder page and read IGN’s full coverage.