PlayStation LifeStyle’s Samuel Guglielmo marked the date when terabit connections will be made in the cyberpunk world of Read Only Memories. The official Read Only Memories comic series will boot up with issue #1 on December 18 from developer MidBoss and IDW Publishing. As Samuel explains, the comic series is set between 2064: Read Only Memories and upcoming sequel Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER and follows series mainstay and private investigator Lexi Rivers:

She takes on a case that takes her to Santa Cruz, with a robot asking her to investigate its missing lover. Along the way, readers will get to see a more hopeful take on the future, with robots and hybrids living among regular humans, and all of them fighting megacorporations.

The Read Only Memories comic series will have a four-issue run, with each issue being released approximately one month apart, before an ultimate release as a paperback collection.

Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER, the next mystery adventure set in the world of MidBoss’ 2064: Read Only Memories, will take players back to Neo-San Francisco on PC and Mac in 2020. In NEURODIVER, new protagonist and telepath ES88 will attempt to find the Golden Butterfly, an insidious criminal hiding out in victims’ memories.

To explore the Read Only Memories universe, visit MidBoss’ official website, Twitter, and blog.

Read Only Memories comic