Wccftech’s Nathan Birch took a look at the “slick cutting-edge visuals” of Bright Memory Infinite, a high-octane, visually-stunning first-person shooter made by a single developer at FYQD Studio and published by PLAYISM, and its latest gameplay trailer. Nathan remarked on the fact that the game is being developed only by one person while detailing the difference in what Bright Memory is and what Bright Memory Infinite will be.

Now, for those confused, Bright Memory is a partial slice of the game that’s been in Early Access for a while now, while Bright Memory: Infinite will be the full, final version of the game that will be available on both PC and consoles. Bright Memory version 1.0 releases today, while BM: Infinite is scheduled to come out sometime later this year.

Bright Memory Infinite is now in development for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The sequel to Bright Memory, which recently launched on Steam for PC March 25, Bright Memory Infinite invites players to guide Sheila, an operative of the Science Research Organization, to uncover the truth behind strange occurrences in the airborne Land of Sky.

For more on Bright Memory Infinite, plug into the official Steam page and follow FYQD Studio and PLAYISM on Twitter.

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