PC Invasion’s Andrew Farrell shined a light on the best parts of Projection: First Light in his review of the illuminating shadow manipulation puzzle-platformer from publisher Blowfish Studios and developers Shadowplay Studios and Sweaty Chair Studio.

Projection: First Light tells the story of Greta, a troublesome Indonesian child. At the game’s start, she manages to piss off many of the people around her while chasing a glowing butterfly before finally capturing it. Once it’s in her possession, however, her recklessness catches up to her and her parents ground her. But the butterfly escapes and leads her out of the house and on a globe-trotting adventure. Every character and object in the game is an inky shadow puppet or object, and new backdrop sets are constantly put into place in the background. Characters even have strings connected to them. It’s quite charming.


Read PC Invasion’s review here, and for more information about the game visit the Projection: First Light web page and follow @ProjectionFL on Twitter.