Destructoid’s Chris Moyse took a gander at the latest trailer and release date news for Everhood, the unconventional RPG adventure developed by Foreign Gnomes launching on Nintendo Switch and PC Thursday, March 4.

From the trailer, you can see Everhood has a similar overall style to Toby Fox’s beloved RPG, Undertale – what with its pixelated visuals and slightly unnerving universe. But Everhood‘s combat appears to be a sort of bullet-hell take on the rhythm-action of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. It looks like a wild ride.

Navigate a psychedelic universe as Red, a reanimated wooden doll searching for its missing arm. Roam through a surreal world full of offbeat characters, then transition to battles inspired by rhythm games. Try the demo today for a taste of Everhood‘s quirky mysteries, and enjoy the announcement trailer below!

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