Game Informer’s Alex Van Aken went hands-on with the first 20 minutes of Where The Heart Leads, a surreal narrative journey through one man’s past where he will reevaluate a lifetime of important decisions. The new title from the AAA veterans at Armature Studios comes to PlayStation 4 on July 13, and is available for pre-order today on the PlayStation Store. Van Aken discusses some of the background on the title and his experience so far:

Where The Heart Leads is a new game from Armature Studios, a studio formed by ex-Metroid Prime developers, and the project takes classic adventure game elements then combines them with modern action game sensibilities to create something that looks truly special.

After the fall, Whit finds himself with a strange new power: the power to revisit memories. Each memory is haunting and dreamlike, but ultimately shows Whit the power (and consequences) of the billions of choices he’s made throughout his life.

Check out Game Informers’s preview with hands-on video here. For more information on Where The Heart Leads, please visit the game’s official website, follow @ArmatureStudio on Twitter, and search #WhereTheHeartLeads on social media.