Pocket Gamer’s Tanish Botadkar toed the double-sided white street line to spread the word of Mini Motorways’  next free update for all current city builders. This marks Dinosaur Polo Club‘s award-winning minimalist strategy traffic management sim with more than four million players second major content addition since the Challenge City update in 2021.

Titled The Endless & Expert update, this is the game’s biggest update so far, and it is set to launch on November 3rd. It includes two new game modes, that are called, you guessed it, Endless Mode and Expert Mode, and heaps of other stuff.

Endless Mode fulfils the Mini Motorways community’s most-requested community future. It allows players to play in 15 iconic cities like Tokyo, Lisbon, and Los Angeles, and showcase their roadwork and traffic efficiency. Players will be able to select any new city and build it however they please without any worries about it ending. The core is to build an efficient town by achieving milestones and constantly upgrading.

The second mode, Expert Mode challenges players to beat the best of the best. It is a mode that requires a lot of planning and commitment. Any road tiles and upgrades placed will become permanent instantly. At the end of every week, players will gain access to a horde of updates, but none of them can be selected twice in a row. A new leaderboard will spice things up with some extra competition in the Expert Mode.

Check out Pocket Gamer’s full article here. For more information on Mini Motorways, please visit the game’s official website, follow Dinosaur Polo Club on Twitter, and search #MiniMotorways on social media.