Gematsu uppercuts the news of the 2024 release window for Detained: Too Good for School, the branching-narrative beat em’ up launching on PC via Steam in 2024 from publisher Thermite Games and developer O.T.K Games. 

Guide a gritty schoolgirl through the mean streets of Swinster City after six months in juvenile detention. Time behind bars and the death of her brother has left our heroine in a foul mood. Will she release her pent-up aggression on those in the underworld who deserve it…or become an antiheroine who annihilates anyone who crosses her path?

What we kept hearing from thousands of fans of our last titleThe Vagrant was that they loved the combat, but wanted more options and things to do. So we took the combat engine fromThe Vagrant and made it feel even better, with more creative ways to pummel enemies and even more reasons to do so in the expansive world, said O.T.K Games producer Canlin Liu in a press release.

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