Not all shared universes come cut from the same cloth, and TheXboxHub’s Gareth Brierley shines a light on the grimy underbelly of Bahnsen Knights, the third visual novel in a series inspired by mid-20th century pulp fiction and ‘80s home computer graphics developed by LCB Game Studio and published by Chorus Worldwide, with a glowing 4/5 review!

In Bahnsen Knights you play a detective who is working undercover for the government in a religious cult group. His life has been fabricated, including a make-believe dead family. The cult group is based in the middle Americas somewhere, their religion focused on cars and roads. They produce exorcisms on the road while driving; very dangerous and extreme. Your journey takes you across this story, through the roads, barns, and bars of this cult group. You try to keep yourself hidden while learning all you can about the cult and its leader.

Check out Gareth’s full review at TheXboxHub here. For more information about Bahnsen Knights, check out the game’s page at the official Chorus Worldwide website here, and follow LCB Game Studio and Chorus Worldwide on Twitter.