Jonathan Bolding of PC Gamer hones his sharpshooting and alien slicing skills in the first demo for Entropy Survivors, the co-op roguelike bullet hell Shoulders of Giants companion game from developer and publisher Moving Pieces Interactive, arriving to PC via Steam in 2024!

Entropy Survivors is also an online co-op game, which I actually think will suit it well. The plan is clearly that should be doing that more often than not, and the pacing will fit playing with a friend better as you’ll be able to cover each other while reloading to survive longer.

The demo has three levels of increasing difficulty and a bunch of cool class perks to unlock. I think it’s worth a look if the twin-stick shooting or arcade-style horde survival genres are interesting to you.

Read PC Gamer’s full demo impressions here. For more information on Entropy Survivors, visit the official website, and follow Moving Pieces Interactive on Twitter/X.