Paste Magazine’s Shonté Daniels reviewed Destination Primus Vita – Episode 1: Austin, the episodic first-person space puzzler crafted by a team of Ubisoft veterans. Daniels praised how Austin’s role in the episode allows for the personalities of other crew members to come through, and how the episode balances exploring the narrative of Crew 121’s mission to reclaim Earth’s water from The Shatters with puzzles that help advance the plot.

Uncovering fellow teammates and learning about them is the most interesting part of the episode. Little mementos scattered throughout the episode show the state of the Earth since most of its water disappeared. Many of them point to the struggles humanity faced in search for water, and the dangers they’ve encountered. But other moments show times where human lives still prosper. Many of Austin’s memories encompass moments of levity and happiness, because those are the times that confuse her most.

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