Variety’s Mike Futter previewed UNTIESThe Good Life during PAX West 2018 and interviewed the mind behind it, Japanese developer Hidetaka “SWERY” Suehiro from White Owls Inc. During the talk, SWERY shared great insight into how the game came about and the lessons he learned while trying to crowdfund it as an indie developer.

In the interview, Futter had a chance to explore the idea of turning the game’s characters into animals, one of the most intriguing details of The Good Life:

Swery is thoughtful about the decision to turn villagers into animals. It’s an exploration of human nature and the social contract we have with one another.

“There are always places we have to hold back what we’re actually thinking or not do what we actually want to do,” Swery explains. “For me, the thought was about whether we would do those things if free from those constraints as animals.”

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To learn more, check out the full article on Variety, visit UNTIES’ website and follow @UNTIES_Games and @Swery65 on Twitter.