Unwinnable’s Alyse Stanley shared her experience with the surreal and serious heartwarming adventure game My Brother Rabbit from Artifex Mundi. Alyse highlights how the artwork and puzzle design show the child-like influence:

The random combinations of the backgrounds seem pulled straight from a child’s brain, content as nonsensical as a dream but cohesive in everything’s shared bizarreness. The puzzles themselves make about as much sense as well; gather up enough soap, and their suds spew out a bubble that raises you up to the next platform; assemble the pieces of a mechanical moose, and he’ll lift your boat over the detritus caught in the stream so you can continue your journey.

Check out the full article on Unwinnable’s website and visit My Brother Rabbit‘s official website for more information. My Brother Rabbit is available now for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam now for $14.99.