Rock Paper Shotgun delved into co-op paranormal horror mystery The Blackout Club and discovered six ways the game gets co-op survival horror right. Noa Smith discusses how Question, the team of industry veterans featuring BioShock 2’s creative director/lead writer and BioShock Infinite’s lead effects artist, offer a variety of powers and abilities to illuminate the experience:

Unsurprising from the creative minds behind PC’s best immersive sims the interplay between powers is beautifully done. You can equip drones for example to fly overhead and emit a noise to distract enemies, or record evidence from a safe distance, allowing you to perhaps – if you have a crossbow as your main weapon – shoot enemies after luring them out or distract them long enough for your teammates to get what they need or simply travel more safely.


Watch the full video from Rock Paper ShotgunThe Blackout Club is available now via Steam Early Access, and releases in full for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in Q1 2019.

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