Gamasutra recently shared their feature on Astroneer,  the accessible interplanetary survival sandbox played by more than 2 million space explorers while in Early Access. Gamasutra’s Katherine Cross talks about her experience with the challenging world in Astroneer:

Astroneer excels at managing the critical balance between stress and triumph. As irritated and lost as I felt, there was always a solution waiting to be discovered. The game rewards patience in a way that is entirely of a piece with its serene pace. Unless you’re running of out oxygen, you’re free from urgency here. With all the neverending discourse around “challenge” in games, it’s worth dwelling on Astroneer’s unpretentious success at balancing calmness with difficulty and reward.

Astroneer is currently available for Windows 10 on Steam and Xbox One for $29.99. Check out the full Gamasutra article here and visit the Astroneer website for more information.