At PAX West 2019, Bleeding Cool’s Gavin Sheehan sat down to preview Epic Tavern, the high fantasy tavern management simulator from Hyperkinetic Studios. Sheehan had the chance to get a feel for life as a tavernkeeper, writing:

As the local tavern, you know what kind of jobs are in the area, and you don’t mind getting a slice of the pie. So you will help put teams together to go forth and adventure to get you treasures, both to improve the tavern but the team as well. The game is part strategy, part adventure, and part RPG as you will send them out and help made decisions on behalf of the party before they get where they’re going.


Sheehan also cited Epic Tavern‘s “old-school vibe” as a major draw and noted that the game’s wide range of scenarios keeps the game unpredictable.

Epic Tavern is available now on Steam Early Access. For more information, visit the official website and read Bleeding Cool’s complete coverage.