Falcon of Gameranx commends BLADE XLORD, the story-driven hero-collecting RPG from Applibot, Inc, in the outlet’s 10 Best Free iOS & Android Games of April 2020 video.  Here he describes the combat features and story progression:

[It’s a] 3d real time interactive experience with a pretty darn good battle system that I found engaging. I like how it works. It’s very simple: it has 4 buttons. And I would say that the way the story progresses and things go on in this game is more along the lines of a Final Fantasy than your typical gacha game.

The Ivory Valiant

You can watch the full video here. For more information about the game, please visit the BLADE XLORD website and follow@bladexlord on Twitter.  To discover more on the developers, visit the Appligate, Inc. official website and follow them on @applibot_pr on Twitter.