Rock Paper Shotgun’s Alice O’Connor shared the Steam™y release date for the clashing crustacean combat arena brawler from PLAYISM and Nussoft, coming to PC on July 30th.

From the studio which brought you Neo Aquarium: The King Of Crustaceans and Ace Of Seafood comes a game whose name tells you everything: Fight Crab. We’ve marvelled before at the series about heavily-armed crustaceans having a square go, and now we have a release date for the latest, July 30th. This series has been running for eight years and I still laugh at the idea. Fight Crab!

Fight Crab has 48 weapons including broadswords, axes, katanas, fans, sickles, flails, lances, shotguns, fish, katars, shotels, drills, halberds, chainsaws, jet engines, maces, electrowhips, and lightsabers – standard crab stuff, really. It has 23 crustacean species too, including Attenborough favourites like the Christmas Island red crab and Japanese spider crab.

Fight Crab has been in early access on since August 2019, and will launch full and finished on Steam on July 30th. It will cost $20.


For more information about the publisher visit the official PLAYISM website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. For more information about Fight Crab, visit the official Nussoft website and follow @nussoft on Twitter.