IGN Takes You on a Whirlwind Tour of PAX East 2019

If you missed PAX East, or want to relive the amazing experience, IGN has you covered. Go on a three-minute tour of the biggest booths, some of the hottest upcoming games, the exciting tabletop gaming section, and catch some amazing costumes with host Sydnee Goodman:   Watch the full video on IGN. For more updates on […]

IGN’s Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast Praises Assault Android Cactus+ as “Wonderful”

IGN‘s Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast featured Witch Beam‘s action-packed arcade-style twin-stick shooter Assault Android Cactus+‘s then-upcoming Nintendo Switch release on March 8. In the episode, the hosts praised the game for being “wonderful” and “something worth paying attention to,” as well as the developers’ extreme attention to detail. To learn more, watch the full episode on Nintendo Voice […]

3D Realms Founder Scott Miller Recounts His Life in Games on IGN Unfiltered

Scott Miller, founder of 3D Realms, recently sat down with IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey for the latest episode of IGN Unfiltered. The pair discuss Miller’s long and storied career in the world of video games, touching on many of the legendary titles he worked on, including Wolfenstein 3D, Commander Keen, Rise of the Triad, Shadow Warrior, Duke Nukem, Prey, Max Payne, and […]

IGN Reviews the Brutal Soulslike Platformer Salt and Sanctuary for Switch

IGN reviewed the Nintendo Switch version of Salt and Sanctuary, the brutal “Soulslike” platformer by Ska Studios. Mitchell Saltzman of IGN says the game “makes the jump to Switch without any sacrifices” and it provides a “brutal, yet satisfying challenge.” Read the full review of Salt and Sanctuary on IGN. Ska Studios will show off the Switch version […]

Watch IGN interview We Are Fuzzy about its New Twin-Stick Shooter, Sleep Tight

At PAX East 2018, Sydnee Goodman of IGN interviewed We Are Fuzzy about Sleep Tight, an adrenaline-pumping arcade-style twin-stick shooter with base-building elements. Creative Director Maxx Burman, a Hollywood VFX veteran who has worked on a myriad of projects ranging from Far Cry 5 and Destiny to Game of Thrones and Mindhunter,  described the game to IGN: You play as a kid […]

IGN Shares PUBG Creator Brendan Greene to Deliver PAX East Keynote

IGN’s Jordan Sirani shared the announcement that PUBG creator Brendan Green will deliver the keynote speech for PAX East 2018 on Thursday, April 5 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Sirani highlighted PAX’s long list of previous keynote speakers for the event and summarized the topics Greene will touch on, including his own journey to […]

IGN’s Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast On 3D Pixel Art Adventure The Deer God

IGN’s Nintendo Voice Chat Podcast talked about The Deer God, the gorgeous 3D pixel art adventure from Blowfish Studios, on episode 387. Host Brian Altano did his best to describe the transcendent journey of spiritual reincarnation. Really gorgeous sort of 8-, 16-bit game starring a deer who — like it’s weird because it’s sort of Metroidvania-y but he […]

IGN: Hand of Fate 2 Improves on its Predecessor in Every Way

Hand of Fate 2, the follow-up to Brisbane-based indie developer Defiant Development‘s critically-acclaimed action RPG, is available now on Xbox One with Xbox One X support. In their review IGN said the game was a unique mix of tabletop deck-building and action RPGs that improves on its predecessor in every way. “I didn’t realize how much I’d missed the […]

IGN Shares Official Gameplay Trailer of The Deer God

IGN featured a trailer featuring gameplay of The Deer God, a 3D pixelated platforming adventure game coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita in Q1 2017. The Deer God, which has already been downloaded by more than 1.5 million people across Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices, takes players on a journey of spiritual reincarnation where […]