Amid an outpouring of abuse allegations from all corners of the video game industry, GameSpot’s James O’Connor highlights the recent statement issued by International Games Developers Association executive director Renee Gittins.

Gittens’ statement recognizes the pain caused by alleged abusers throughout the industry and calls for immediate and swift action to change and pave the way towards more inclusive and safe conditions.

Gittins writes:

In order to support diversity within our industry, we cannot allow harassers and sexual misconduct to go unchecked. All of the efforts to recruit women are in vain if they are assaulted or made to feel unwelcome within our industry and its events. We must use this as a turning point so that we can ensure that game development and game developers are able to thrive.


GameSpot notes the multiple abuse accusations are indicative of a “wider, systemic cultural issue” and points towards the IGDA’s statement as a step in the right direction. For more information, read GameSpot’s complete coverage and visit the IGDA’s website for harassment-aid resources and more.