Jenni Lada at Siliconera received a calling card from Persona 5 Royal’s Phantom Thieves of Heart. Fan-favorites Violet and Skull have joined Joker and Morgana in Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space, the mobile adventure game from WFS, expanding the playable roster of hundreds of heroes even further:

The Another Eden Persona 5 event is here. There’s a lot of good news associated with it too. It being available is a big one. But also important is that Bound Wills and the Hollow Puppeteers: Promises, Vows, and Rings isn’t a limited time affair and is a permanent part of the game. No one can miss it. But also, both the Another Eden Violet and Skull Persona crossover characters can be earned by playing, rather than paying.

As a free-to-play single-player RPG, Another Eden eschews many of the trappings of contemporary titles and never gates players behind stamina meters, energy systems, or other paywalls. This epic tale, written by Masato Kato (Chrono Trigger) and scored by Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger, Xenogears) unfolds as a classic JRPG experience following the journey of Aldo to rescue his sister from the evil Beast King.

Another Eden is available now on Android and iOS. Check out Siliconera’s full article here. For more information on Another Eden, please visit the official game website and follow Another Eden on Facebook and Twitter.