Roguelikes come in all shapes and sizes. The subgenre casts a wide net, tying together varied aesthetics, systems, and camera perspectives under the unifying banner of random-generation and challenging gameplay that often means starting over upon dying.

30XX, the follow-up to the acclaimed, best-selling Megaroguelike action-platformer 20XX from developer Battlestaple Games, prepares to mix up the roguelike market on Feb. 17, as reported by Eurogamer. The launch includes multiple modes, including a traditional roguelike mode where heroes start from a fresh set of levels each time, a permadeath-abandoning Mega Mode, and a robust level editor for players that want to design their own stages.

Author Matt Wales writes:

Additionally, there’s a new Maker Mode level editor, enabling players to design and share custom stages via tools similar to those used by the developer, and there’ll be an option to shuffle the most popular levels into a play-through.

It all sounds extremely promising, and we’ll have a clearer idea of how things are shaping up when 30XX comes to Steam early access on 17th February.

30XX releases on Steam Early Access Feb. 17. For more information on 30XX, please visit the game’s Steam page, the official Batterystaple Games website, and read Eurogamer’s complete coverage here.