The Daily Dot channeled their inner vulpine with the latest news about Kitsune Tails, a platformer styled after beloved classics steeped in Japanese mythology and diverse relationships from Super Bernie Bros developer Kitsune Games, launches on PlayStation 4 & 5, Windows PC, and Linux Q1 2022.

The Daily Dot’s Ana Valens shares some of the story details surrounding two young women, Yuzu and Akko:

Unlike most throwback platformers,¬†Kitsune Tails¬†features a canonical lesbian pairing at the center of its story. After Yuzu is saved by a friendly human healer named Akko, a “budding romance” emerges “between the two young women,”

Kitsune Tails launches on PlayStation 4 & 5, Windows PC and Linux Q1 2022. For more information, please visit the official Kitsune Tails website and check out the full Daily Dot article here.