Gavin Lane at Nintendo Life shared the news about Garden Story, the adorable action-RPG where a young grape protects and rebuilds the Grove, developed by Rose City Games. Garden Story is set to arrive on Nintendo Switch this summer. 

Previously announced in the August 2020 Nintendo Indie World Showcase, Garden Story puts you in a lovable world where you control Concord the Grape against the evil “Rot” in the most innocent looking battle of good-versus-evil we’ve ever seen.

As revealed in the Day of the Dev’s livestream immediately following the Summer Game Fest Kickoff show, developer Picrogram’s new trailer (above) gave us a longer look at the game which sees you taking on the role of a cute grape called Concord. An evil (well, probably) entity known only as Rot is apparently creeping over the retro-flavoured island and it’s up to the young grape to defend it by growing things, harvesting resources, and — when absolutely necessary — giving the encroaching baddies a sound thrashing and saving the island community.

Check out the trailer below:

Garden Story is set to arrive on Nintendo Switch this summer.

Check out Nintendo Life’s full article here. For more information on Garden Story, be sure to follow the game’s Twitter, and follow Rose City Games on Twitter for updates.