Sal Romano at Gematsu hit the buzzer on the upcoming March 4th Steam launch date for Survival Quiz CITY, the trivia platformer battle royale from GYAAR Studio and Phoenixx. Those eager to try it sooner can join the open beta starting on Steam tonight at 8PM PST. This free public beta comes to an end on Sunday, so make sure to hope in this weekend.

Survival Quiz CITY requires both smarts and skills to survive. Answer devious questions, then get separated into losers and winners. Losers face challenging obstacle courses to reach the goal while collecting sweet, sweet cash to spend on powerups and hilarious cosmetics between rounds. Meanwhile, winners wield the finest in loser-crushing weaponry, blasting the less-fortunate to slow them down and earn money for themselves.

Check out the trailer below:

Check out Gematsu’s full article here. For more information on Survival Quiz CITY, please visit the game”s official Steam page and follow @gyaar_studio and @Phoenixx_Inc on Twitter.