TheSixthAxis’ Aran Suddi enjoyed their time spent with Agent Intercept, the over-the-top arcade action game with a transforming spy vehicle from developer PikPok, giving it a 9/10 review score, comparing it to some hit 90s classics.

“Sometimes all a game needs to be fun and entertaining is simplicity. Just a couple of buttons to remember, simple techniques to master, and a shot at getting to the top of a leaderboard. Agent Intercept is such a game, born from an attempt by developer PikPok’s rejected effort to revive the Spyhunter series, leading to a new title taking liberal inspiration from that attempt. You are an agent who controls a vehicle to take down an organisation intent on taking over the world.

In Agent Intercept you control a vehicle called the Sceptre. At first it looks like a typical sports car, albeit one that’s armed with missiles, machine gun, and other weapons. However, the Sceptre is a much more advanced vehicle than that, able to transform into different configurations such as a speedboat or a snowmobile depending on the terrain. You don’t need to worry about switching form through levels as that is done automatically depending on the terrain you encounter. The only controls you have to focus on are boosting, shooting, and turning as you take out the vehicles of the villainous organisation known as CLAW.”

CLAW will stop at nothing to end your fun, but that seems to have only generated more elation from Aran. Be sure to check out the full review here.

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