Pocket Gamer has an eye for valuable games, and their coverage of Influent, the immersive language learning game developed by Three Flip Studios, arriving on Android devices is proof. This free-to-play game comes preloaded with French, Italian, and Korean language packs, with more available for purchase.

Three Flip Studios has announced that Influent, the studio’s language learning game, is now launching on Android after a successful release on iOS and on Steam. The immersive title lets players learn about new languages as they go on a virtual exploration of everyday words and objects in the game.

In Influent, players can discover words used in real-world settings to boost both their vocabulary and their listening skills. There are more than 20 languages to learn, as well as a host of situational contexts that will make learning a new language more engaging.

After Influent’s successful launch on iOS and Steam, Android users now get to join in on all the educational fun. As a fresh, engaging take on the process of learning a new language, Pocket Gamer sees an opportunity to promote communication skills across multiple languages.

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