Softpedia’s Cosmin Vasile gives Cartel Tycoon, the survival business simulator from developer Moon Moose and publisher tinyBuild, a 4 out of 5 Star review, praising its living ecosystem, classic management mechanics, and solid campaigns.

Amass a vast drug empire by researching new tiers of workshops and warehouses. Develop new products and recruit Federales and corrupt politicians, using wealth and influence to sway the natives. Conduct dealings with enemy gangs to take over the business, send lieutenants to jail, and recruit locals. 

Apart from a well-crafted tutorial, the game offers two story driven campaigns. Needs and Fear offers the normal challenge, with clearly defined objectives that will allow players to see everything the game has to offer.


The management side of Cartel Tycoon is not hard to understand and it’s a joy to see product moving from its raw form to something that will bring in thousands of dollars. To keep things exciting, the game makes the law a formidable opponent. They can set up roadblocks, can seize shipments, can raid warehouses filled with drugs, and more.

Gamers have the tools to mitigate law enforcement efforts and presence, but it is always a good idea to expand slowly and only after making sure that existing operations don’t attract too much heat.

Cartel Tycoon’s full release delivers five new structures, products, different ways to amass profits on opium and desirable products, revamped gameplay systems, and so much more.

The level of complexity rises pretty fast….. I like the idea of a living ecosystem that reacts to player choices but there are moments when other characters react in entirely weird ways.

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