KeenGamer’s Abigail Westwood has a tubular time in their latest review of Unusual Findings, the nostalgic mystery adventure and love letter to life in the ‘80s from developer Epic Llama and publisher ESDigital Games. Currently available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC via Steam.

“Unusual Findings‘ pixelated world feels lived in. It is the 80s and nearly Christmas. You play as Vinnie, as he and his friends Nick and Tony sneak out on a night they’re supposed to be grounded. Through visiting the various locations, you will find characters and objects you need to interact with in order to progress the story. This follows the usual sci-fi trope of a group of teens uncovering more than they bargain for when they decide to meddle with technology.”

“I really enjoyed how everything is in the game for a reason. Certain trinkets may be useful later, and your approach to tasks affects how the story plays out. The writing is humorous, finding a nice balance between cheesy and dark. The narrative is well written and is mainly told through the dialogue exchanges, which you should pay attention to, and respond appropriately. You are warned early on: “your attitude towards people matters.’”

“The dialogue is vital. There is a lot to learn through clicking on random objects, as between them the trio have an encyclopaedic number of facts. Characters rambling’s may at first seem completely irrelevant but actually hold essential clues to solving puzzles. The whole game is a puzzle, as your earlier ‘irrelevant’ interactions affect outcomes later on.

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