Softpedia’s Andrei Dumitrescu practiced their most stylish Kung Fu moves to a neon backdrop in a review for Nitro Kid, the roguelike deck-builder from developer Wildboy Studios and publisher tinyBuild available now on PC and Mac.

“It’s important to always have a mental picture of how player-specific cards, enemy abilities, infusions, and patches interact with the core structure of a character. L33 can close distances and strike multiple enemies but he also needs a way to move out of incoming damage, ranged especially. J4X is the boxer who can counterattack when struck, enabling him to stand his ground as long as sets up a solid shield.”

“Nitro Kid goes for a bright, colorful look that’s a little unsettling given the level of violence in the game. But it works, shows off its inspirations, and makes it easy to present information in a clear fashion. As with many other rogue-lite’s, there is a tendency for repeated arenas and moments. The soundtrack is the best part of the presentation, with a ton of tracks that walk the line between modernity and nostalgia, perfectly suited for the game universe and the cool action moves players can execute.”

“The battles are solid and require good planning to get through with minimal HP loss. The rogue layer is decent but could use a little more variety. Discovering floor layouts and boss designs is exciting, as is working [on] solutions to overcome them.

Make sure to play a run or two at a time, enough to allow the soundtrack to wash over you and make a little progress. Nitro Kid is quick, fun, and varied, a great experience for players who love card-driven titles that focus on close-quarters engagements. Saving kids from an evil corporation never felt better.”

Check out Softpedia’s full review here. For more information on Nitro Kid, please visit the official Wildboy Studios website and official tinyBuild website, follow @tinyBuild and @nitrokid_wbs on Twitter, join the community on Discord, and search for #NitroKid on social media.