Kerem Karakoc of DualShockers bops along to the entrancing melodies of 9 Years of Shadows, the radiant pixel art Metroidvania from developer Halberd Studios and publisher Freedom Games, making its musical debut on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store March 27th! 

The upcoming title offers a gameplay formula that allows players to restore their health by playing lullabies and making use of musical attack patterns during boss fights. Moreover, Halberd Studios’ launch title also includes some of the most esteemed composers in the gaming landscape as well.

If a musical metroidvania with pixel art graphics is your cup of tea, keep in mind that 9 Years of Shadows will land on PC via Steam and Epic Games on March 27. With its elemental combat, musical gameplay, and colorful pixel art visuals, it should — hopefully — be a solid pick for metroidvania enthusiasts.

Check out Kerem’s full article at DualShockers. For more information and updates, follow Halberd Studios and Freedom Games on Twitter, and visit the official 9 Years of Shadows website!