With a roadmap in hand, PCGamesN’s Ian Boudreau looks at what’s ahead for Dying Light 2, the bold sequel to the best-selling open world survival action game, by Techland.

The most recent Dying Light 2 update introduced some new features, like DLSS 3.0 support and the new legend levels system. There’s plenty more on the way in the coming months, however: gear transmogs and upgrades to the game’s combat physics and overall brutality are coming in April, and an update planned for June will offer a “new night experience,” roaming volatile enemies, and improvements to the flow of parkour.

Techland also says that a new story expansion is slated for later in the year, which will add new weapon types and a new location to the game. Nearer term, the studio says it will roll out improved Steam Deck support, so you’ll be able to take Aiden Caldwell’s adventures on the road.

There’s a lot more on the way for Dying Light 2. Read PCGamesN’s full article to learn what else is to come and visit the official Dying Light 2 website for more in-depth information. Follow @DyingLightGame and @TechlandGames on Twitter to keep up to date with all the latest news.