Softpedia’s Andrei Dumitrescu had a devilishly good time escaping Hell Of An Office, the satanic speedrunning first-person platformer from developer 43 Studios and publisher Joystick Ventures, available now via Steam Early Access.

“A quick dash gets me to the next platform. While in the air, I launch one rocket from my trusty pink stapler, eliminating a wall of documents that stood in my way.”

Hell of an Office doesn’t have too many mechanics but it uses them perfectly. The platforming is tight and challenging. And with more than 100 levels set to feature in the full release, it should appeal to all fans of the genre.”

Read Softpedia’s full preview of the game here. For more information about Hell Of An Office, check out the official website, follow the title’s Twitter, join your coworkers at the water cooler on the official Discord server, and search #HellOfAnOffice on social media.