UploadVR’s Henry Stockdale heads down to where the green grass grows in preparation for the release of Across the Valley, the wholesome farming simulator from developer FusionPlay, heading to PSVR2 & PCVR in two shakes of a lamb’s tail on April 6th.

“First revealed during the Upload VR Showcase Winter 2022, FusionPlay’s latest game is a big departure from its previous VR title, Konrad’s Kittens.”

Placing you inside a virtual farm, Across the Valley tasks you with picking fresh fruit and vegetables, keeping your livestock happy through mini-games and using your profits to expand the farm.”

Read UploadVR’s full article about the game here. For more information about Across the Valley, check out FusionPlay’s official website, follow FusionPlay on Twitter, join the official Discord server, and search #AcrosstheValley on social media.