Wccftech’s Ule Lopez is giving readers a look into the wild world of Stray Blade, the fantasy action-adventure with a fresh approach to intense combat from developer Point Blank Games and publisher 505 Games, coming to Playstation 5, Xbox Series X | S, Steam, and the Epic Games Store on April 20, 2023.

Stray Blade’s main draw is its changing world. Every victory you have will leave its mark on the world as a whole. You’ll be able to face off against the God-Kings that ruined the land of the past so you can free the land from the shadows of the old era. 

Point Blank Games focuses on the action thanks to Stray Blade’s hyper-responsive combat system that allows players to perform precise attacks and encourages quick reactions. Players can have access to an arsenal of weapons or craft them out of surrounding resources while taking on serene fantasy environments while restoring peace.

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