Destructoid’s Zoey Handley powerss up the Ghost-Slinging Proton Pack and dives into Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed, the 4v1 hunt or haunt supernaturally-charged video game from the asymmetrical multiplayer experts IllFonic, with the all new second free DLC. Along with a new ghost type, Ghostbusters get some exciting new cosmetics:

However, the portion of content that really itches my undercarriage here is the addition of some Extreme Ghostbusters gear. This comes in shells for the PKE meter, trap, and proton pack, but also hair and outfits. Considering that Extreme Ghostbusters was the most out there with its costume design, it’s extremely welcome. It’ll take more than that to get me out of my classic tan flight suit, but a little more personality never hurt.

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