Destoructoid’s Zoey Handley recently uncovered the announcement for Vexlands, an open-world crafting adventure from developer Emberheart Games and publisher Apogee Entertainment, coming to PC early in 2024.

Explore a cursed future, cleansing the world around searching for clues and learning the reasons for this ill-fated present. Earn coins to unlock new territories with each tile a gamble, revealing a substantial resource, hidden dungeon, or never-before-seen enemy that is now apart of the world’s ecosystem. Venture through dungeons to collect loot, conquer monstrosities, level up to unlock new perks, and craft new equipment to create the ultimate safe haven worth protecting.

Placed in a vacant world, your job is to literally carve out your place by crafting and selling resources to buy new tiles in the procedurally-created world map. Each tile has the possibility of introducing something helpful or harmful into your environment, making each one a gamble. Your goal is to strengthen your homestead while venturing out into five biomes to lift the curse that has befallen the land.

Read Desctroid’s full article here. For more details check out the official Emberheart Games website, as well as the legendary publisher Apogee Entertainment on their official website, Twitter, Discord, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.