PC Gamer’s Jonathan Bolding prepares to build the perfect city in World Turtles, a city builder out today in Steam Early Access from developer Re: cOg Mission and publisher Freedom Games set on a giant space turtle’s back.

Carry an entire civilization on the brink of extinction, and breathe new life on journey through the cosmos. Create a sustainable society and guide the lost people to greatness as they nurse the floating reptile back to it’s full strength. Harvest, build, research, and drift through the void of space on an interstellar adventure. No two playthroughs will ever be the same, as the turtle and universe are procedurally generated, offering more possibilities to create the perfect colony.


Created by a single developer out of South Africa operating under the name Re: cOg Mission, World Turtles is clearly a passion project by someone who just absolutely needed to see this specific game get made. They describe it as a “wholesome colony builder with the primary goal of sustainability” where your big job is to help the Meeps organize, something they just won’t do without you.


Read the full article here. World Turtles is available now on Steam Early Access. For more information, follow Freedom Games and World Turtles on Twitter.