Softpedia’s Andrei Dumitrescu ventures deep into the darkness in Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open, the next installment and first full-sized game in an award-winning anthology of creepy tales from publisher Chorus Worldwide and developer Cellar Vault Games.
With an impressive preview from LudoNarraCon, Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open inherited the spooky experience from its previous entry Paper Ghost Stories: 7PM, and provides a full-length adventure for players to explore. It also presents its world in a unique way. Though the world is 3D, all characters are 2D paper outlines, and you will be able to experience Malaysian tradition, culture, and folklore as Ting, a young girl with supernatural abilities.

Players will take on the role of Ting, a young girl with a powerful special ability. She can see spirits that exist around her, including Xiu, a ghost in search of peace. The game’s universe is filled with supernatural elements and players will have to decide which spirits to engage with and trust.


Mechanically, Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open uses a relatively classic adventure structure. Players directly control Ting, and there are sections where she will tell other kids how to move or when to hide to escape a threatening spirit. But, most of the time, they will move freely through locations, opening new paths, solving puzzles, and finding characters to interact with.

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