PC Mag’s Zackery Cuevas got to go hands-on with an early look at Kitsune Tails, the retro platformer styled after beloved classics and steeped in Japanese mythology with queer relationships. Developed by Kitsune Games and published by MidBoss, the game is set for a 2024 Steam release.

Kitsune Tails weaves a simple love story between platforming sections that recall classic NES titles,” says Cuevas, “The game places you in the wooden sandals of a young kitsune (a supernatural fox) named Yuzu who finds herself in an increasingly complicated relationship with a kind human sorceress named Akko and her childhood friend (and fellow kitsune) Kiri. As the romance between Yuzu and Akko blossoms, Kiri’s jealousy manifests into action, and she seals Akko away in an elemental prison. This sets Yuzu on a journey across five worlds to save her.

The game’s full release will feature several notable anime and video game voice actors including Kira Buckland and Angela Tran to further immerse players in the wholesome, mythical, yet relatable tale.

Read the full preview article here. To learn more, visit the game’s official website, wishlist it on Steam, and follow @MidBoss and @KitsuneGamesCom on Twitter.