RPG Site’s Adam Vitale raises their glass in celebration of Wartales’  Nintendo Switch surprise launch at the last Nintendo Direct! The medieval open-world tactical RPG developed by Shiro Games and published by Shiro Unlimited is available now on Nintendo Switch as well as PC via Steam.

Strife and struggle are all that remain nearly a century after the Great Plague ravaged already unfair lands, forcing simple countrymen into a life of sellswords. Recruit a deadly team capable of handling any threat and executing any job. Bribe, threaten, and kill to survive, succeeding in strategic turn-based battles with vicious beasts, roadside bandits, corrupt diplomats, and more.

Navigate ancient ruins, echoing caves, and steep mountainsides, taking conflict in stride with blades and arrows at the ready. Tactfully position party members to carry out well-coordinated assaults, then loot thoroughly and collect payment before setting up camp for the night. Practice makes lethal perfection so use leisure time to train up the crew.

Repair armor by the fire and learn new skills after well-deserved meals. Upgrade stats, armor, and weapons to fortify the ranks in preparation for the next daunting mission, ensuring stomachs are full and gold is doled out evenly to keep everyone satisfied. Travel and thrive in a vast open world, accepting more and more generous bounties on the journey to infamous notoriety.

Check out RPG Site’s article here. For more information about Wartales, please visit the official website and follow Wartales, Shiro Games, and Shiro Unlimited on Twitter.