Yuria from Fextralife shared the news of how Salt and Sacrifice, the follow-up to the million-plus selling soulslike platformer Salt and Sanctuary from Devoured Studios and Ska Studios, sets off for new hunts for Nintendo Switch and Steam via PC on November 7th. The Steam and Switch port follows the May 2022 release on PS5, PS4 and Epic Games Store.

All versions will get to fully branch out into new character customizations, skill sets, abilities, and more in this challenging side-scrolling 2D indie sequel.

The sequel also brings Mage Hunts, multi-phase pursuits which extend throughout regions of the map you’ve already explored, resulting in major boss battles. There’s an opt-in mechanic for PvP letting players create a Marked Inquisitor’s appearance, class, and past crime. Joining various factions for multiplayer combat and online interactions.

Characters are fully customisable with a unique feature called Ancestry that not only determines your overall looks, but your choice of Crime which grants a starting gift, and a variety of starter Classes that determine your initial Equipment. Classes include AssassinClericFighterDuelistHighbladePaladinRanger and Sage. Salt and Sacrifice will provide the customisation that you’d expect from a Salt game and then some.

Paint entire tombs blood red as a deadly Inquisitor to bring down every Mage that steps in your way, settle the score with players online in PvP mode or fight together in group hunts for Switch and Steam on November 7th.

Read Fextralife’s article here, and keep up with everything Salt and Sacrifice related by visiting Ska Studios’ official website and be sure to give them a follow on Twitter for more salty developer updates.