Mitchell Saltzman at IGN goes full-throttle in their review of Ghostrunner 2, the first-person cyberpunk-action thriller from global publisher 505 Games and developer One More Level. Reviews for the game began rolling out, a week jampacked with the launch of the Brutal Edition today and the Standard Edition on October 26th as well as developer streams, new details, and more.

Saltzman’s review kicks off with “The best sequels are the ones that can recapture what made the original so great, while also expanding those elements to make them feel bigger, grander, and more exciting than what came before. That’s exactly what Ghostrunner 2 manages to pull off.”

Of course, the biggest change between the two games is the inclusion of wicked fast motorcycle segments that will test players’ reflexes and courage. “And then there’s the motorcycle,” writes Saltzman, “which is responsible for some of the coolest moments in all of Ghostrunner 2. You’ll not only use it for high speed tunnel chases, but also as a key exploration tool in the back half of the story to explore huge open environments.”

While shaving down times or finishing a level without dying is encouraged, those who seek to truly hone their ninja skills can try out the new ROGUERUNNER.EXE mode, a roguelike gameplay mode that houses randomized elements and power-ups to choose from. “Ultimately, it’s an expanded version of the wave mode that was introduced as DLC in the first game, but it’s still nonetheless a compelling extra mode that I’m having a great time coming back to even after having completed the main campaign,” exclaims Saltzman.

One More Level also revealed that a replayable motorcycle mode is in the works for 2024, purchasable as a paid DLC or bundled in the Season Pass.

Saltzman gave Ghostrunner 2 a 9/10 “Amazing” score, further honoring the title as an “Editor’s Choice” and saying in the conclusion “Ghostrunner 2 is a sequel that builds upon everything that made the first game great, leading to 10-12 hours of absolutely action packed, high speed, cyberninja excellence, along with a great, replayable, roguelike mode as well.” Read the full review here.

Jump in early through the Ghostrunner 2 Brutal Edition today on PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S and PC (Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store) with more information available on the official website. Stay up to date with the latest by following @GhostrunnerGame or @505_Games on Twitter.