What’s a young donkey to do when his dad goes missing? He sticks to the search – with a book of magical stickers to lead the way, as Nintendo Life’s Alana Hagues learned in her coverage of A Tiny Sticker Tale’s release. The cozy miniature adventure where stickers solve puzzles, developed by Ogre Pixel, is out today on October 4th for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam!

Flynn the donkey’s father disappeared somewhere among Figori Island, but he left everything Flynn needs to find him. The magical book of stickers left to his son either has the tools to help him – literally – bridge the widest chasms, or turn whatever he finds on Figori into stickers for Flynn to easily carry around and put in their rightful (or at least most useful) place. 

Flynn also won’t be lonely in his exploration of Figori Island, as its animal inhabitants are found throughout the isle. They will have their own requests and favors to ask of Flynn… and can also be turned into stickers, to be moved from place to place. Finally, it also seems as if Flynn’s not the only one with reality-warping magic wandering around.

As summarized by Hagues:

The game was recently featured in this summer’s Wholesome Direct and based on its sticker aesthetic alone — which is also a major gameplay element — we were sold. A Tiny Sticker Tale promises to be a breezy but emotional 2 to 4-hour game with fun puzzles, cute characters, and a heartfelt story.

Mexico-based Ogre Pixel previously developed Lonesome Village, with a similarly charming and cozy aesthetic. As said by Steve Durán, director and designer at Ogre Pixel, “As a México-based studio, we’re proud to shine a spotlight on the development capabilities of the Latin American community and share our game with the world.”

To learn more about A Tiny Sticker Tale,  check out their website, or follow Ogre Pixel on Twitter/X to stay up to date with the game. A Tiny Sticker Tale released on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on October 4, 2023.